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Our Artistic Journey

Canvas to Wall is the culmination of a lifelong love affair with art. With a global perspective, we curate and create art that transcends boundaries, connecting with art enthusiasts, collectors, and decorators worldwide.

Join Us in the World of Art

Experience art in its purest form by attending our gallery exhibitions. Immerse yourself in a global art culture, and witness firsthand the love and passion infused into each creation.

Art Personalized for You

Elevate your space with art that’s as unique as you are. Our personalization options allow you to collaborate directly with the artist (that’s me!) to bring your vision to life, ensuring your space reflects your individuality.

Love, Crafted and Delivered Globally

No matter where your heart resides, our art can reach it. Our efficient worldwide shipping ensures your chosen pieces arrive safely, spreading love and creativity across the globe.

What Clients Say

Curious Minds Ask

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How do I start painting at home? +

To start painting at home, all you need is a canvas, some paint, and your imagination! Let your creativity flow freely.

What type of paint is best for beginners?+

For beginners, acrylic paint is a versatile and easy-to-use option that dries quickly and is perfect for experimenting with different techniques.

Can I return a damaged canvas? +

Absolutely! We guarantee the quality of our canvases, and if you receive a damaged one, we'll replace it without any hassle.

Do you offer painting tutorials?+

Yes, we provide a range of painting tutorials for all skill levels to help you hone your artistic skills and unleash your creativity!

Are the art supplies eco-friendly? +

We are committed to sustainability and offer a selection of eco-friendly art supplies to support your creativity while caring for the planet.


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